Green People and Team GB Rowing


When we were approached by Green People  and asked if we could film interviews of the GB Rowing team, the office became a hub of excitement! Ok, so there may have been some rank - pulling and then some coin tossing to determine who was assigned the job!

The brief from Green People was that they had a new affiliation with the GB Rowing team and they wanted to document their sponsorship and product endorsements from the team members.

product endorsement, GB rowing team, Green people Green People is a skincare company that was set up in 1997 by Charlotte Vohtz.  Charlotte’s young daughter had eczema and other skin allergies and Charlotte was disappointed to find there was a real lack of chemical free, natural products on the market. After years of research, Green People was set up to provide natural, organic and ethically produced skincare for adults and children.

On the day of filming, we were lucky enough to have great weather. We met the teams at their training lake. The film opens with an extreme wide shot - the men’s team are mid train, out on the lake in the distance, the sun shimmers on the water and in the foreground are a pair of Egyptian Geese. It is a stunning shot! 

corporate videography, GB rowing team

We then cut to Moe Sbihi (one of the leading figures in the men’s squad). We have a ‘talking heads’ interview with Moe where he endorses the Green People product (in this case sun cream). We have a two camera set up - this allows a medium wide shot of Moe and then also a close up. Moe mentions the USP of the Green People product - being hypoallergenic, the cream doesn’t sting if it gets in his eyes - an inevitable result of sweating whilst rowing! At this point we use the close up shot to add gravitas and emphasis to Moe’s words.

The interview with Moe is interspersed with shots of the team, their boat and equipment as well as some close ups of the team using the Green People sun cream. The shots are in a slight slow motion format, along with the soothing music we have chosen, this gives a real feeling of calmness to the film - much like the Green People products give to the skin. (Do you see what we did there?!)

product endorsement, GB rowing team, Green people

On the day, we interviewed 3 team members, each with their own endorsement of the Green People products and their personal reasons for liking and using them. In post production we created 3 short films, giving Green People plenty of material for their website and their social media platforms too.

All in all a great day on the water!

Mens Team GB rowing team with Green People suncream

Services provided - 

PR Material photography/videography

Product photography/videography

Product endorsement videography

Advertising material photography/videography

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