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The client - Us!

The brief - Go Big or Go Home!

Recent times have brought new 'challenges' for all of us. We are now working remotely in a covid compliant way. Although we miss seeing each other's funny faces every day - there are some great positives to take from this situation. With changes to our usual working day, the team has taken on an increased amount of remote editing - and we really enjoy it!

We have taken footage, both stills and video, from other people's work along with some stock images and created some, seemingly 'new', but actually 're-invented' work. Breathing a new lease of life into what might have been assumed to be 'old' or 'out dated'.

We have put together this 'Show Reel' to demonstrate what can be done with pre-existing footage. With clever techniques and our honed editing skills, this video is sharp, dynamic and bang up to date. Did I also mention - it was so much fun?!




The How and Why...

Corporate Videography

The video opens to the image of an old record player needle meeting vinyl. As the needle touches down, the music bursts into life. The tone and pace of the video is set from the very beginning - fast, furious, dynamic, fun and exciting.

Show Reel

Then comes our newly animated logo, drawing the viewer in. We have a mix of stock images, and past work here. 

Corporate message

The use of simple yet interesting, bold text puts our message across in a concise and punchy way - our key areas of expertise. These could easily be bullet points relating to the message you want to send to your audience. Maybe new services or products you are now providing.

Corporate photography

The text is set upon the backdrop of flashes of high impact stills and video - full of colour, motion and action. (Did you notice the guy with his foot on fire?)

Corporate video

We have used some iconic  images too - The Taj Mahal at sunset and the amazing shot of the London skyline at sunrise on an early spring morning (that was a cold day in the office!)

Corporate video photo. London Skyline

We then see some glimpses of our own work - corporate  videos that we have filmed and edited over the last few years.

corporate photos and video

The shots come in quick succession as the video comes to its close, finishing off with some fabulous action shots of skiers (ok, so we do sometimes like to be both sides of the camera!)

corporate video action shot

Our Show Reel has been created to show you the best of what we do. Although it might not yet be possible for us to be with you in person, by using footage that already exists we can take your project from a simple initial idea to a polished piece of work that is up to date and relevant.

A short film that can get your message across to your customers in a fun and exciting way. Ours was just 33 seconds but said so much.

Services provided - 

Corporate Videography

Corporate Photography

Video Editing

Remote Editing


And just in case you missed him...!

Corporate photos


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