FreeSewing Product Demo Video

Picture this - lockdown hits. Work stops. The pause button is pressed. Everything changes. Gradually a new ‘normal’ begins and in an effort to retain your sanity you look for a new hobby, a new skill to focus on. Sound familiar?!  While many of us took up running, walking and baking, our James turned his hand to sewing. In his quest to find something he could create and that would be relevant to him, he found

Free sewing corporate is an open source software project that aims to become the Wikipedia of sewing patterns. It’s free to use and is built by contributors and financially supported by its Patrons.

After knocking up a fair few garments, James’ creative juices were well and truly flowing. Now, being the all round good egg that he is, James decided that he wanted to ‘give something back’ to the FreeSewing community and he created this fabulous video for them using the skills he would usually have been using at work.

The video has an ‘edgy’ feel to it, starting out with our man beginning the process of finding the right pattern, setting out his work area etc. It’s filmed with a purple gel overlay. Purple being FreeSewing’s corporate colour. It’s a subtle but clever way of bringing the company’s brand personality into the film. 

Product demo

The video is edited using some exciting transitions... 

...quirky camera angles...

and extreme close ups bringing a little drama to all the good technical sewing shots.

Product demo video

This film is a good little multi-tasker - it can be used as a promotional film for the FreeSewing product and also it serves as a tutorial preview - walking the user through the process of creating the Teagan T-shirt - great for covid times and beyond.

Teagan T-shirt

The video comes to a close with the finished article and a happy customer - off for a socially distanced walk!

Corporate Videography Teagan T-Shirt

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